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After more than 20 years of painting as a profession, a little 'break ..
He spends a bit of time and here emerges the passion for colors, materials, to create with their own hands.
The create prompted only by the desire to share with those who, like me, likes to use his hands.

From textiles to furniture to the desire to customize the walls of my house ... and those of others, it is a short step
It's a create a driven by the desire to share with those who, like me, likes to use his hands and everything that is created by hand.
It 'a create pushed by those who, like me, want to make their house their own nest, personal and unique, not-trivial and without character.

Hence Cipeciop: there are no market research prior to my paintings or decorative panels for interior, but only what the world around them inspires me.

You desire to customize a wall of your house? Do you want something to be done by hand sizes and colors that suit your home? Contact me and together invent what you want and I will fulfill it to you.
I create paintings on canvas or wood supports, also of recycled material that incorporates new life with new colors and subjects.
  • I propose my ideas stolen from my surroundings, but I love it to realize ideas that are required to order ... the exchange of stimuli raises always something special

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