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Personalized gift painting/ Birth baptism birthday idea painting /Small name paintings/ Custom painting gift/ Small paintings with name and hearts/ Modern small paintings

25 EUR
An original gift Idea birth baptism birthday
A small name and heart paintings.
A personalized gift.
A set of small pictures with divided into syllables name of a cheery bottom and embossed hearts.
The support of the squares is made of plastic or wood on which I worked with water colors and acrylics.

The photos are demonstrative, based on the length of the name varies the amount of squares to be realized: a syllable on each square and each measuring 8,2" X 8,2"inch
Example :  if you want to make a gift for the birth of MEGAN, enough 2 squares (ME and GAN) for the birth of MASSIMILIANO will need 5 squares (MAS SI MI LIA NO)
You can choose the colors you want 
I offer you the yellow(like photo), pink, green, light blue ... write me your colors and I will paint for you your personalized squares

You will need to purchase the selected options quantity and will appear automatically the cost of your article.
Write me in  the name you need and I will be happy to realize your squares .

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