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Large painting white flowers/ Flowers painting on fabric/ Large wall art painting/ Original flower painting/ White Flower painting/ Wall art

260 EUR
A large very sophisticated painting that will give a very original touch to your wall.
I used cloth (mounted on a wooden frame) that I painted with water colors on the bottom and oil colors for flowers.

As can be seen from the photos, I wanted to create with the fabric of folds, to make even more the effect of the creased canvas.
A red sand splash as' a shot of color to the painting

  These flowers of Dandelion, which I will call "puffballs" remind us of the summer meadows, where the kids have fun blowing the pistils and delicate to them fly away leaving only the corolla.

This large painting measuring cm. 100 x 100 (39.3" x39.3"inch )
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