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Large wall art/ Wall art painting/ Abstract modern and original paintings with applied decorations/ Artwork painting/ Wall hanging/ Canvas and material pictures

200 EUR
Artwork painting wall hanging.
Pair of abstract and modern paintings with motifs applied and made with twine.

Pair of canvases to hang on the wall combined in order to have a single design.
Alternating bands of acrylic color like green and purple bands of paper applied and worked in shades of gray overlaid with the string that draws other horizontal bands and vertical lines with small circles.

They are ready to hang in a young and modern environment or who wants to give an original touch to your home.

The canvases are mounted on a wooden frame cm. 70x70 + cm. 70x110 (27"x 27"inch + 27"x 31"inch)  or cm 50x50 + cm50x80 (19"x19"inch+19"x31")

The cloths are coated with a transparent varnish which protects from dust and moisture.

If you would like to have it in your house but the colors do not suit your decor, you can choose different colors those of the photo  contact me, I will be happy to make it happen with the colors that you want.

Other ideas are here