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Modern and minimalist painting personalized/ Material geometric panel/ Abstract and decorative panel with top stitching/ Home and living

200 EUR
A modern and minimalist picture, personalized, completely handmade reproducing the fabric pattern gold and blue (as you see in the photo.)

An original idea for a customized panel, for a touch of originality to the wall.

A painting with the fabric of your sofa or a fabric to you dear, reproduced on canvas, with a real hand stitched that gives it a patchwork effect, sophisticated and original, suitable for particular environments and who loves to give a significant mark to home

The sizes are cm. 100 x 58 (39.3" x 22.83"inch) or cm.120 x 70(47.2" x 27.55"inch) or cm.140 x 81(55.5" x 31.88"inch)

If you like the panel as you see it you can buy it right away, otherwise send me the photos of the fabric you want on your panel, I will be happy to make it especially for you.

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