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Modern original painting/ Indian art portrait/ Oil painting / Indian women portrait/ Portraits folk art/ Original handmade painting/ Wall art painting/ Artwork painting

200 EUR
Modern original painting of indian art portrait .
Oil portraits of Indian women with their veils and multicolored overlaid fabrics .

Hidden looks from their saree with multiple prints.

The wooden board used is an old lid of a cassette for wines.
The thrill of giving new life to objects or materials in use for free rein to the imagination and is a demonstration of commitment to not waste but reuse. After years of waste is the time to take a step back ..and this can be exciting: the art to the service of our planet

Original painting on wood cm. 54 x 33 (21,2" x 12,9"inch) ready to hang on to give an exotic touch to your wall.

Your painting will be created very similar in same style, color and size. After you order, I will start to create your painting within 5-6 days. I will finish it within 9-10 days. Then, I will send you an image of the painting for your acceptance.


For any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to respond to your requests and have a chat with you.

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