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Modern swedish portrait painting/ Original portrait/ Modern portrait on cork/ Original artistic oil painting Sweden/ Nordic painting on cork/ Wall art

140 EUR
Original portrait and modern swedish painting, a portrait of smiling child painted on cork.
This girl by the Nordic color smiles joking with the drawn sun pastel on top of her.

It's an oil painting with a brown pencil intervention made on a sheet of cork applied to a wooden board, it is ready to hang and measure cm. 25 x 50 (9,5" x .19,6"inch)

The bright colors of the baby, very clear skin with blue eyes and nearly white hair, stand on the yellow background gold dazzled by the sun that seems drawn by a child's hand

As already demonstrated in other paintings I am fascinated by the smiles of the children, who, whatever their ethnicity, are always spontaneous and joyful.

If you like the portraits, this will bring happiness into your home.

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