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Personalized painting/ Custom portrait/ Commission portrait painting to photo/ Wall art painting on canvas

70 EUR
A commission and personalized gift painting.

Modern custom portrait for anniversary, wadding gift or an important event

From photo to painting , handmade with oil colors
This painting is on commission canvas and it's an example of what you can accomplish if you will send me a picture from which realize the "Your" painting.

The canvas is ready to hang cm. 21 x 16 (8,26" x 6,29"inch) but if you want other measures is not a problem
Contact me.

Made entirely by hand, can be customized.

Do you want a picture that you remember a romantic holiday? Or do you want to make a gift for a birthday or an important event?
Contact me and send me the photo of portrait you want .I will realize a free sketch that I will send you by email, and if you like it I will paint your custom canvas

How it works:
You reach out to me with a photograph you have in mind to be painted.
 I will send a photo of picture to make sure it is exactly what you wanted
If , as I hope , I will have you satisfied ,  I can then send you the " your painting " finally