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Wedding photo booth frame and decorative sign on frame for party/ Bridal shower games/ Bridal shower decorations wedding gift/ Photo booth for event/ Personalized wedding photo booth/ Item for personalized parties/ frame fun pictures

90 EUR
Wedding photo booth frame and decorative written on the frame, for personalized wedding photo booth.
Bridal shower decorations wedding gift

An article for fun party: for photo wedding, anniversary or an important event.

Made of wood, painted and decorated by hand, with the names, colors and decorations you want

A nice idea for an important holiday, in order to take pictures with friends and family in a pleasant way.
I here propose cm. 80 x 70 (31,5" x 27,5"inch) a measure a bit more smaller than the one you see in the photo, suitable for 1/2 persons, not groups, cm.100 x 70 (39,6" x 27,5"inch) like photo or cm 120 x 100 (47,2" x 33,46"inch) for two persons or group.

You can choose the colors you want to combine the colors of your party.
I offer you the white and blue as you see in the picture, but you could choose white/green, white/red, white/ pink, white/gold or white silver ... write me your colors and I will paint for you your frame

When the party will be over you can use it as a frame for the nicest photo of zoom and hang it on the wall by applying a hook

Other ideas for party are here :

Contact me and write me as you would your own frame, or do you suggest I of original ideas.